Launching Spring 2021

Early evening has arrived in a small, rural community off the beaten track.A van slowly pulls up and parks. The side door slides open to reveal an acoustic piano. A cinematic projection screen is erected on the side, with a projector connected to a solar-charged battery.

Illustration: Grace Newbold

A few deck chairs are placed around the van.

In the van is a pianist and composer. She takes her place at the piano and begins a performance. At first no-one is there to listen, but as the music drifts through the area, gradually people of all ages start coming over to the van to explore what’s happening. A crowd is forming. Some people sit down on the deck chairs, others go to their houses to collect their own chairs, others choose to sit on the ground.

By now, the evening has faded into night and the pianist is performing her accompaniment to silent films being projected onto the screen in the darkness. An atmosphere of mystery comes with the surprise cultural event of acoustic classical contemporary piano music and artistic silent films taking place in this remote location.

When the performance ends the audience has the choice to donate money if they wish. The musician is collecting donations so she can convert the van into an electric vehicle with solar panels. She speaks with the audience about what she’s been reading about slow travel, local living, skills exchanges and a global conversion to a zero carbon civilisation, a just civilisation. A conversation follows so everyone in audience can speak if they want to. It’s getting late. The projector, screen and deckchairs are returned to the van, the side panel is closed. The van departs leaving no trace of the concert except in the memories and minds of those who attended. And perhaps in conversations that follow on in the coming days.

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