The following Lola Perrin works are now part of the compulsory composer syllabus:

Piano Suite II: part 2 'The man in the black hat below is probably sleeping'
Piano Suite IV: part 1
Piano Suite VIII: part 6 'The Arrival'

The works are published by Lola Perrin Sheet Music and distributed by Spartan Press.

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival is a competitive festival with aspiration to promote worldwide classical and contemporary music. The aim is to encourage students of all ages to learn new repertoire and preform various styles including contemporary and jazz music. In playing publicly they will share their achievements with other performers and audience.The main goal of AGPMF is to introduce students and audience with wide range of piano music from around the world that is not regularly performed, contributing multicultural British society as well as practice of the standard piano syllabus.Festival consists of Junior and Adults categories and offers various classes.

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