16 August 2018

Dear Reader

I’m a composer, pianist and founder of ClimateKeys.

This summer I'm working on a climate-change-engaged-composition (for piano, violin, singer, narrator and two visual artists).

The work includes spoken word. As part of the narration, I’m collecting words from researchers and writers from their dreams/nightmares about climate change. Might you have time to send me some text?

I’m seeking words that describe ...

- what you saw

- what you felt

- what you heard

- what happened

... during your dreams/nightmares featuring climate change.

I am not seeking narrative passages unless you prefer to send those. I’m seeking whatever recollections you have, in whatever text form you choose to send. Single words will do – I know that capturing dreams is not easy so I’m only expecting tiny snippets from my respondents!

This material will inform the composition, narration and also my two artist collaborators who are creating an installation for the performance.

Should you be kind enough to respond I will send you the press release for the work; premier is in London October 31st, 2018.

Best wishes

Lola Perrin


lola [at] lolaperr.in


Respond here or email me directly lola [at] lolaperr.in