Lola Perrin

London based composer and pianist

Lola by Nazarin

Lola Perrin

Photograph by Nazarin Montag
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Lola by Johnny

Photograph by Johnny Manic
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Photograph by Ilpo Musto
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With Hanif Kureishi
London 2010
Photo by Richard Kaby

With Mihir Bose
London 2009
Photo by Roberto Battista

With Rolf Hoppe
Dresden 2010
Photo by Kay Krause

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Lola Perrin, Adriana Vasques, Katherine Tinkler, Lysianne Chen, Elizabeth Challenger & Alissia Tavdidishvili Southbank Centre, London, May 2011

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Lola recording 'Sea of Names' from the album 'By Peculiar Grace and other loves' at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in February 2010

Music: Lola Perrin
Images: Roberto Battista

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Lola Perrin is a London-based, USA born composer, pianist, publisher, and Composer-in-Residence at Markson Pianos.
She has been composing since 1992 and performs her compositions on mainland Europe, in the UK (including works for 2, 4 & 6 pianos at Lang Lang Inspires, Southbank Centre) & USA,  and has published over 70 piano compositions in 8 books, distributed via Spartan Press. Commissions include silent film scores performed at Barbican, BFI Southbank and Peninsula Arts in Plymouth. She collaborates in performance with writers (including Mihir Bose  & Sue Hubbard), scientists, artists and film makers. 

Lola Perrin has been taken into the repertoire by concert pianists including; Elena Riu, Kevin Robert Orr, Paul Cassidy, Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble, LP Duo, Duo Gastesi Bezerra, Carles and Sofia.  Her technical exercises, commissioned by Trinity College of Music, can be found in their 2015 – 2016 Piano Syllabus Grades 3 & 4.

As an increasing number of pianists and piano duos take up her piano works she is turning her attention to instrumental works.  Elysian Quartet and Carlos Lopez-Real have performed her string quartet and saxophone work. Sarah Watts  commissioned 'Her Sisters' Notebook' (ten bass clarinets) for Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2011 and played it at Irish Royal Academy 2014. Simon Desbrulais and Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble have taken up her forthcoming Suite for Two Pianos, Trumpet and Narrator. During 2014 two instrumental works (String Quartet & Saxophone, Wind Quintet & Choir) are due to be rehearsed / performed in London.

She has been interviewed and reviewed by various media including Berliner Morgenpost, BBC Radio 3 and local stations, The Guardian, Lyric FM.  Her recordings appear on radio playlists and occasionally on broadcast TV, are on general release and can be found through digital sites including iTunes (CDs: Fragile Light’, ‘By Peculiar Grace and other loves’).  She also works as a private piano teacher.  Pianist magazine ran an interview, June 2014, with her piano student Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, in which Lola made a sneak appearance.

As well as various composition projects, she is also currently transcribing ‘Concerto in C Minor’ by Helen Hagan, a forgotten 1912 virtuosic masterpiece still in the composer’s hand, and creating a concert programme around it.

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Check the shows/live page for the forthcoming dates of Lola's live performances


Lola Perrin is an independent artist and gratefully acknowledges the following Sponsors:

Naim Audio (please see News March 2011 below)

and the following who have supported her recording costs:

Walter Braunsteiner
Roland Perrin
Julian Diggle
Lidewy Isings
and two anonymous donors

2014:  new works
Multimedia Suite in collaboration with The Gray Circle and James Meek.
For performances from 2015

'Suite' (20 minutes) – in progress
For 2 pianos, trumpet and narrator with text by Egyptian civil rights campaigner, Bassem Sabry.  For performances by Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble & Simon Desbrulais from late 2014

Untitled (12 minutes) – in progress
For piano and bass clarinet for SCAW DUO

'Yellow' (Two Pianos) for LP Duo (10 minutes)
'Cloud Sky Fade' (Duet) for Carles & Sofia (7 mins)
'Panic in the City' : Three Congratulations for Brass Quintet & Choir (7 mins)
'9 miniatures for Wind Quintet' (15 mins)
East End II & III (solo piano) for films by Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim 



Naim Audio Lola Perrin Piano Competition
We are delighted to announce the participation of two excellent music learning centres in this new piano competition. LONDON COLLEGE OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC will be holding the competition on April 20th and WOLVERHAMPTON UNIVERSITY'S MUSIC DEPARTMENT will hold the competition on May 10th.  Winners are awarded £150 and Runners-Up are awarded £100.  For details about the competition click here.

Residencies Announced
In addition to the Artist in Residence role at Naim Audio, Lola has been made Composer/Teacher in Residence at Markson Pianos.  As part of this residency she will be at Foyles Bookshop on March 31st 14.30 – 16.30 to give free piano lessons to beginner and lapsed pianists as part of National Learn to Play Day.

New pieces
Two new Lola Perrin compositions are “Her Sisters’ Notebook” for 10 bass clarinets (duration 25 minutes) and “Nine Miniatures for Wind Quintet” (duration 15 minutes).  Please contact for more information or to see the scores.

Lola will be performing piano in Plymouth, London and Brighton. “Her Sisters’ Notebook” will receive a second performance at City Hall, Plymouth, by Sarah Watts, on March 22nd at 1pm. Click here for performance details.


Lola Perrin compositions have been selected for performance at a weekend of contemporary piano music at the Conservatoire Chopin, Paris, Feb 3 – 5th 2012.

 “The Wind” (1928 Victor Sjöström, starring Lilian Gish performed at BFI Southbank with live score by Lola Perrin) won Silent London’s Best Silent Film Soundtrack 2011.


Interview about Lola’s new work for bass clarinet ensemble, “Her Sisters’ Notebook” published in Muso magazine

Two concerts marking USA debut; a lecture recital “Lola Perrin Piano Suites” at Women in the Arts Conference, University of Missouri St Louis,  and a private concert in New York City hosted by Julia Warr

Sarah Watts commissioned a composition for Bass Clarinet Ensemble, premier Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 12th Feb 2012. 
Elena Riu commissioned a new piano work, premier summer 2012.


Lola Perrin's Seven Days is a new concert series featuring seven concerts in seven locations outside London, in collaboration with local speakers. Concert One is August 14th in Swinford, Ireland with author Kate Kerrigan. More concerts to follow.

New quotes have come in, in response to Lola Perrin's piano books and CDs:
"a modern day Schubert" (Ratko Delorko)
"I, too, was taken by the depth and uniqueness of your recordings" (Dr Kevin Orr)

Lola continues to contribute to International Piano magazine, with her journal published May/June and July/August issues. Her next column will be available on-line


Lola was interviewed by Dave Smith for BBC Radio Gloucester, and by Quentin Cooper for BBC R4's Material World (you can hear the interview by clicking on the July 28th programme, 23 minutes into the programme)

Piano Suites Vand VI(second edition) were launched


The Naim Audio Lola Perrin Piano Competition opened. Click here for more (PDF document)

Piano Suites I, II, III and IV have been launched in their second editions by Spartan Press

Lola obtained the rights to play a new soundtrack to Painlevé’s Les Cristaux Liquides during a show she developed with Alexis Kirke for October 2nd 2011
The performance will also feature special guests; Geologist Dr Adam Maloof and Filmmaker/Writer/Conservationist Paul Williams in conversation, plus Q&A with the audience.

Lola will be appearing at Coleford Festival of Words July 9th


Announcing: Lola Perrin Sheet Music
Lola has formed the publishing company, Lola Perrin Sheet Music. This year all her piano books, in their second editions, will be available globally, distribution by Spatran Press

A new multilingual site, designed by Roberto Battista, has been launched to display samples of over sixty compositions, with audio clips and technical information to help pianists choose pieces.

World premier: two, three and six pianos
May 21st 4.15 - 4.45 pm
Clore Ballroom at Southbank Centre
Lola Perrin will be appearing at Southbank in May, performing compositions for two, three and six pianos with Roland Perrin, Adriana Vasques, Katherine Tinkler, Lysianne Chen, Elizabeth Challenger and Alissa Tavdidishvili as part of the Lang Lang Inspires series. Lola's performance is supported by Naim Audio and the rehearsals for this event are supported by Markson Pianos

Read Bidisha's blog about Lola's Seven Fridays concert series here.


Announcing Lola’s New Partnership with Naim Audio

Lola has recently formed a partnership with Naim Audio, a British manufacturer of high-end audio equipment.

Lola first discovered Naim when she heard a new neighbour playing a favourite album of hers, a very obscure Eberhard Weber release. Lola felt compelled to knock on this music enthusiast’s door to tell them how much she loved the music they were playing. The gentleman, Jack Krellé, invited Lola in to listen to the album on his Naim hi-fi system.

This chance encounter led to Lola working part time for Jack whilst she concentrated on writing her musical compositions. Hours of shared listening time gave Lola an appreciation and enthusiasm for Naim’s distinctive sound and eventually led to her approaching Naim for support in her work.

To find out more about Naim Audio and its range of premium hi-fi equipment visit:


Seven Fridays
Announcing a new concert series: Lola Perrin’s “Seven Fridays”
Lola presents her piano suites, created between 1992 and 2009, during seven concerts between April and October in a series hosted by Markson Pianos at Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Munster Square, London NW1.
Concerts will be introduced by guest speakers John Bryson, Nazarin Montag, Marcia Teusink, Dr Alida Gersie, Dr Martin Coath, Antonio Capelao and Sue Hubbard.

The Wind
Lola has been commissioned by Bird’s Eye View Festival 2011 to compose a soundtrack for the 1928 film starring Lillian Gish, “The Wind”

Purcell Room
Lola performing her compositions at Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall, March 19th with an eclectic line-up including Natacha Atlas, Phil Maxwell and Hazuan Hashim, Roland Perrin, Kate Shortt, Sarah Watts, Alexis Kirke and Jonathan Bonnici.

Going East promo from Hazuan Hashim and Phil Maxwell on Vimeo.

Please visit Shows for full information on the above concerts

Lola has secured distribution for her piano books; more information will be available soon.


G-Mass concertThe Perrin Siblings with visuals by The Gray Circle at the South Bank Centre March ’07 (photo: Thomas Gray)
exhibition exhibition The exhibition 
"12 works inspired by Lola Perrin’s music"
by award winning Australian artist, John Kennedy, was mounted in March ’07 at London’s South Bank Centre.